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Note :

We have released a new service on which is called Items Renting When you need equipments or materials temporarily, it’s a good choice to rent it here. We would take it back in 24 hours when the trial time is over.

If you can’t find the items you need here and if you have questions for this new service, please contact our LiveChat Operators, they will be there to assist you 24/7.

Delivery Information

After your payment is completed, we will email you the account information, If you don't receive it in an hour, please contact our Live Chat 24/7 Service.

How to pay us in runescape-Items-Renting :

1 Fill the price we show you below,then write your char name and everything you want to tell us ,click buy now button, and come our live help for more detail.

2 You can also send money to directly at the price we show you below,and click live help to asist you too!

3 If you want rent more than 24hours, just double the payment


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Items Renting

    dragon 2h sword $1.0
    bandos godsword $10.0
    abyssal whi $1.0
    master wand $1.5
    onyx ring of ston $1.5
    onyx berserker nekla $1.5
    berserker ring $1.5
    zamorak godswor $10.0
    saradomin godsword $15.0
    dark bow $1.0
    armadyl godsword $15.0